"Online Store" script is now available!

Want to sell your products & services online? Have your online store ready in 5 days!  This store includes:   English version store. Unlimited products. Billing & inventory management. Direct communication with customer via Whatsapp. Online payments models (Credit Cards, offline payments, etc.) Website ... Leer Más »

26º Jun 2020
TDesign Blaster is live!

TDesign is proud to announce its latest web tool, TDesign Blaster. The best and easiest way to launch an Email campain for FREE. Need to blast your EMail marketing campaigns to your customers? do it now before your coffee gets cold!

Click here for access.

25º Feb 2018
TDesign Social Media Tool goes to public.

The easiest way to share and annonce social media posts is now available for everyone by TDesign, we encourage everyone to check TDesign Social.

23º Feb 2018
Social Existence Tool is out.

TDesign Social tool allows people to check the existence of a username, product or brand across many popular social website.

Check it out here.

26º Ene 2018

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